meet feliz


Feliz Dubois, licensed esthetician — providing clinical skin care that works

Feliz began her career in 2003 at prestigious day spas in San Francisco. Using her medical background from earlier years in the dental industry, she has a great understanding of the most advanced treatments from a clinical perspective.

She has found that no two skin types are alike. This has enabled her to customize a program to help you combat acne, large pores, unwanted hair and signs of aging. Skin care techniques like microdermabrasion, chemical peels and extraction mean every individual has their needs met.

What Feliz will do for you!

Feliz will create a skin maintenance program that meets your busy lifestyle and make your skin glow. In addition, she is also an expert at face and body waxing.

Whether treating acne, hyperpigmentation, waxing you from head to toe, or getting your ready for a big event she can take care of all your skin care needs.

2067 Mountain Blvd 
Oakland, CA 94611

Tue, Wed:  11:30 am - 7 pm
Thu, Fri, Sat:  10 am - 4 pm
Sun, Mon:  Closed